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2019 Quilt Show Awards 

103 - Cheryl Coburn - 1st Place - Presid
102 - Jan Skorupa - 2nd Place.jpg
101 - Jan Hines - 3rd Place.jpg

    Below are all the winners in each category in this years Quilt Show.   They are shown in Category Number order.   

    Our Quilt Show utilizes Peoples Choice Awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place.   This year we instituted our President's Award for Innovative Design & Quilting.

    To view a video of the winners in each category click on the following link:

210 - Jenny Giles - 1st Place.jpg
221 - Judy Main - 2nd Place.jpg
223 - Janice Melodia - 3rd Place.jpg
215 - Donna Watson - Presidents Choice.j

Recent Happenings & Photos

Our first 1-day retreat was a success with making fish collages and getting some sewing projects finished.  Here are some of the pictures of the finished fish collages. 

Fish 7.jpg
Fish 6 more swarm.jpg
Fish 3.jpg

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