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About Us

In early 1990, Eileen Paulsen and other enthusiasts came together and decided to form a quilting group. The group soon found that many other individuals in the area also shared a love for fabric and the art of quilting; eventually the group was named "Sea Pal Quilters Of Ocean Shores". Today, the Sea Pal Quilters guild continues to be a growing organization that has an active role within Grays Harbor, WA communities.

Sea Pal Quilters Of Ocean Shores is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote and enhance the art of quilt-making by increasing the knowledge of quilting and quilting techniques. Sea Pal Quilters are committed to giving back to the community through classes, donations, exhibitions, informational exchanges, lectures, outreach, and workshops.

Each year Sea Pal Quilters generate revenue by creating a "Raffle Quilt" as well as host a "Unique Boutique", "Tour of Quilts", and a "Whale of a Quilt Show". Our Quilt Show first started in 1993, and has been a great success over the years.

Funds raised go toward donations to local charitable needs and operating expenses. These events have become a favorite tradition for many of the Grays Harbor communities and visitors to the area, as well as the Sea Pal Quilters.

Sea Pal Quilters encourage fellow quilt enthusiasts to freely participate in classes, meetings, membership, and outreach. We gladly welcome all newcomers to join our community minded organization.

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